Stopped chasing ‘shiny objects’ and started taking real action

Name: Lisa Jayne Wood 

Business: Neurolanguage coach helping learners stuck at intermediate level push past the plateau to feel more comfortable, confident and happy speaking English using simple brain hacks


Problem: Lisa had spent years chasing ‘shiny objects’, doing courses, creating a website, and yet never quite putting the steps into action to properly start her dream business.

Result: The group programme with me was ‘like a supermarket that had everything she needed in it’ and she took action from day 1 to create her membership, Your English Self. 

The coaching and community side of the program is going to give you all the help you need to put the content from the programme and your new knowledge into practice to start growing your dream business.

Um, honestly, it saved me so much time and stress.  I can’t recommend it enough.

Before joining Designed to Flourish

I decided to do the group program because I was completely frustrated. I’d spent many years,, designing a logo, thinking of a name, basically trying to get everything perfect before I then started looking for students….by which time I realized that I didn’t identify with my business name, there were a lot of things about my website that just weren’t correct and didn’t work…..
And the thought of starting from scratch again filled me with horror. And, uh, I saw that this group programme, it was kind of like, uh, a supermarket that had everything that I needed in it. So instead of going from one supermarket to another, I could get everything in the same place that I needed.


What were your key learnings from the programme?

It was very difficult for me to think about pricing, think about marketing. I had tried to do it previously, but you know, the course really helped me to see that I could actually do that in a way that felt good to me. There wasn’t just one way to do it, and there was a way that I thought could fit with my values.

So, the business side, the strategies, really became sort of much clearer to me… But I probably would say the biggest thing for me was the mindset work. I feel like I can silence my inner troll, as you called it. I called mine Betty. Betty’s a lot quieter these days. Um, she does rear her ugly head occasionally, but I’m much better at telling her to be quiet. I do feel more confident, I suppose. I do feel like I can do this. I feel like I’ve got a clear path. 

Did you have any hesitations about investing in the programme?

Unfortunately, I’d already invested in lots of other smaller courses, the money added up, and I was a bit reluctant to then invest more money because all of the other things that I’d done hadn’t got me the results that I was looking for.

And also  I was worried that I would invest this money and then not spend the time that I needed to make the most of the course. 

But fortunately it didn’t turn out that way. and I did make the most of the course. The way that the course is structured really helped me. We had a weekly task and that really helped me to keep on track and keep focused and, and to do the homework.

I really didn’t want to turn up to the coaching calls unprepared, so that really helped me to keep accountable, and to do what I needed to do, because I also wanted to make the most out of the coaching calls, and, being in a small group as well, I felt really comfortable, so that really helped me.
 And I mean, anybody who knows me, I’m a huge fan of community anyway, I believe that’s the way that we learn. And, you know, I met some …I really feel like I can call these people my friends now that were on my cohort. And after that, you know, we went into the group for the alumni, and I connected with even more people, and the sharing continued.


What would you say to anyone considering doing Designed to Flourish? 

If anybody’s sitting on the fence about doing this group program, I’d say that it’s definitely not just another shiny object that’s going to sit on your computer and not be touched. You’re going to be taking action from day one. And the coaching and community side of the program is going to give you all the help you need to put the content from the program and your new knowledge into practice to start growing your, your dream business.
Honestly, it saved me so much time and stress. I can’t recommend it enough.

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