10 tasks to 10x your audience.

A bigger right fit audience means more leads which means more clients…..


When your business depends on bringing in clients consistently, it quickly becomes obvious that this means that you need to keep growing your audience. Relying on those who are already connected to you, and know you well, will often work at the start, and can be a great way of kicking off a new offer, but you will then often find that sooner, rather than later the well runs dry.


But what can you actually do to purposefully grow your audience, and not just by adding any old followers, but gathering those in who have potential to become your right-fit clients?



In this mini course, I take you through ten 2-4 minute video tasks that will all help to achieve this,. If you carry out all the tasks (and crucially KEEP doing them), you will see your followers and subscribers grow fast, making it that much easier to find those consistent clients.

What’s inside?


Task 1- Optimise your social media profile(s)

In this first task we look at the crucial importance of getting your social media profiles set up well to encourage potential followers or connections to take that first step.


Task 2- Get more people who see your posts to follow or connect with you.

People are always busy, so even if they loved your post, that doesn’t mean they will necessarily click ‘follow’. Here’s one way to try and make that happen more often.


Task 3- Hashtags and keywords for greater reach and visibility

Hashtags and keywords are both good ways of getting in front of people who might not otherwise have found you, or getting more of your content in front of those people who have.


Task 4 – Connect with the right people on LinkedIn

This is probably the one thing I get asked about most often with clients who use LinkedIn, and it’s very much worth understanding this if you use LinkedIn as it’s the only platform where you can easily find people who match your ideal client’s profile.


Task 5- Why and how to comment on other people’s posts

Posting on social media is obviously an important way in which you can help people get to know more about who you are and what you offer. But what is often overlooked is the importance of commenting on other people’s posts. Here’s why it’s so important, and some tips for doing this effectively.

Task 6 – What do you want people to do after seeing your post?

We’ve already talked about having a footer on your posts, but you also need to be thinking about the purpose of each individual post, and have a CTA (call to action) which fits with this.


Task 7- Why you need an email list and how to encourage people to join it

Connecting with people and getting (the right) followers on social media is definitely important, but it’s not the whole picture. If you want to be able to build a relationship to the point where your ideal client is ready to work with you, you need to have an email list.


Task 8 – Where to put your lead magnet

Here are some suggestions for exactly how to make sure as many people as possible see your lead magnet and are drawn to join your mailing list.



Task 9 – Finding clients away from social media

A lot of people tend to assume that posting regularly on social media is all there is to getting visible and starting to get clients. It’s a good start, obviously, but if that’s all you’re doing, you’re going to grow much more slowly than could otherwise be possible. Here are some other suggestions.

Task 10- The importance of collaboration

Collaborating can open up opportunities for both you and the other person, as not only does it give you access to a new audience, it also helps to make more ‘noise’ and attract in people who weren’t following either of you.

Hi, I’m Rachael.



There are lots of things I’ve loved about my long ELT career, but one of the things I don’t like is the way that so many excellent professionals are underpaid, undervalued and scraping by.

I also far too often see people working themselves into the ground. This might be OK when we’re in our early twenties with no responsibilities, but it’s no way to run a sustainable and enjoyable professional career.

I want to really challenge the low expectations, and culture of ‘having to’ accept poor conditions and teach ELT freelancers the steps they can take to make their businesses truly work for them.

I have:

⭐ 30 years of experience in the industry
⭐ 15 years as a successful small ELT business owner
⭐ CELTA and DELTA teacher trainer and creator of dozens of published courses, which means I can help you design your programme to perfectly fit your clients
⭐ heaps of training and coaching in running a small business, organic marketing and social media, copywriting and more
… well as being a trained psychotherapist, counsellor, and coach.

This makes me ideally placed to empower freelance ELT professionals to custom design their businesses so they can earn more, work less, and live more fully.

And that’s what it’s all about.