There are two main reasons NOT to have an email list. Firstly, if you don’t ever intend to sell a service or product, or if you only ever intend to work with a handful of big companies, such as publishers. In those cases you don’t need on.

But if you’re working with individuals, as a teacher, coach or trainer, you really should be building an email list.

Let me give you three good reasons why.

1. You own the list, not the social media platform. Things change on social media. Look at the way people are now leaving Twitter in droves. You can spend literally years building up a following, and see it disappear overnight, like a crumbling sandcastle. If people are on your email list, they won’t stay there if you aren’t providing great emails, but at least that’s in your control, not Elon Musk’s.

2. Before people decide to work with you they usually need to build up a level of confidence and trust. You can achieve this on social media, but you need to bear in mind that even when someone follows you the algorithm will ensure that they only see a tiny percentage of what you post, maybe 5%. A good email list could have a 50% open rate- mine does- meaning that many more chances for people to get to know you and understand how you can help them.

3. Building an email list allows you to build closer relationships with people. They can reply to you and get a private answer, and they are letting you into their world that bit more. This means that when you need clients, you have a group of people who are already at least halfway sure that they want to work with you. An email list can do a great deal to ensure that you have consistent clients, rather than the nail biting roller coaster that comes from using word of mouth as your main source.

But isn’t having an email list a big commitment and a lot of work?

Yes, it’s a commitment. You need to demonstrate your reliability and trustworthiness through your willingness to show up regularly. But any relationships that are worth having require some commitment.

How do I get people onto my email list in the first place?

One of the most effective ways to start building an email list is through offering what is known as a lead magnet. This is some kind of freebie that demonstrates to people how you could help them, and encourages them to join your list.

Many people get stuck here. They’re not sure what kind of thing people might want- and it’s easy to get this wrong- and they’re not sure how all the tech would join up to deliver this and get people physically onto their list. And even if they do all this, the lead magnet often just sits on their site and no-one actually clicks it.

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