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Build an ELT freelance business you love,

find consistent right-fit clients,

and confidently charge what you need to live the life you want.


You’re an English Language Teaching freelancer or small business owner, and… 

You work harder than anyone else around you, and you still struggle to pay for holidays or vet bills, or a new laptop.

– You love what you do, but marketing your business feels alien, and nothing you try gets you results.

– You’re trying to work out everything you need to run a successful business by yourself, and it’s proving a lot harder than you thought.

– You don’t feel like you can charge much for what you do when others are only charging a few dollars on platforms like Preply.

– Freelancing feels like an emotional rollercoaster, with feast and famine income cycles, amazing clients, but also nightmare clients, and you really need some support.

Working for yourself and by yourself is proving lonely and you long for a sense of community.

It doesn’t have to be that way…..

Welcome to the Confident Freelancing Roadmap and the Collective

Rachael Roberts ELT Coach

I’ve been in the English Language Teaching world since 1989, and a freelance business owner since 2008.


Over that time, I’ve met some amazing people, and, unfortunately, time and again, I’ve seen freelancers and business owners underselling what they do, being exploited, working themselves into the ground..

That’s why I’m on a mission to support and help other ELT Freelance professionals and business owners, so you can gain confidence, focus your efforts in the right direction,  charge good rates, and generally work less, earn more and thrive!

Here’s how I’ve got your back:

One: The Confident Freelancing Roadmap


If you’re looking for practical help and support with:


– getting your business set up the right way from the start (or filling in the gaps)

– getting more visible and attracting the right clients more consistently

– working out what to charge, and feeling confident to ask for more.

– learning how to use your limited time in the best way to push your business forward


…….this is the place to start.


I’ve gathered together the key trainings from our Membership library, and together with brand new content, created a road-map for you to follow to get everything in place.


Over 8 self-study modules, you’ll (finally) get to grips with all the nuts and bolts, and create a clear vision and foundation for your freelance business.

Module 1

Making freelancing work for you.
Explore what’s currently working for you- and what isn’t- so you are ready to (re)create your business in a way that gets results without working you into the ground.

Module 2

Setting yourself up for success.
Looking at freelancing as a business and how you set up your business structure, your workspace, and the legal stuff.

Module 3

Making a name for yourself.
Clarifying or creating a niche, personal branding, your website and other marketing tips.

Module 4

Growing your audience.
Why you need to grow your audience and some options to consider, from YouTube, to Pinterest to Collaborations

Module 5

Social media and content creation.
An overview of how to use social media to grow and nurture your audience, and help with creating content for different platforms. 

Module 6

Pricing and money mindset.
Working out what to charge and overcoming common roadblocks when it comes to charging enough. 

Module 7

Systems and productivity
How to work out what you need to prioritise and a range of tips and strategies to manage your time better and avoid overwhelm. 

Module 8

Help with identifying and overcoming the mindset blocks I see all the time, which can often hold you back even more than the practical considerations of being a freelancer.

With around 30 hours of content and associated tasks, you could work through everything in one to two hours a week over six months. Or pick and choose and get the help you need, when you need it.
the Confident ELT Freelancer- Earn Learn Thrive

Two: The Confident ELT Freelancer Collective


Me and around 150 other ELT freelance professionals and business owners, in your corner. A safe space to ask questions, network and collaborate, learn (and vent). 

It’s a collective because it’s about all of us raising each other up through a vibrant and super helpful community. I want to give ELT freelancers more confidence, more know-how, more power, more autonomy…more money!

Together we’re stronger, and we can really have a massive impact on the industry as a whole. 

Here’s what else you’ll get from the Collective:

Accountability to get things done

Weekly accountability thread and access to an accountability pod (of 2-5 community members) to keep you focusing on and doing the things that matter most.



Twice monthly drop-in co-working sessions. There’s nothing like working with others to get you motivated and to hold you accountable to get things done.



Expert training

In addition to the Roadmap content, monthly trainings from Rachael or an invited guest expert. Upcoming sessions include Online security for your business, and LinkedIn training from LinkedIn Coach Sharon Murray.

Get to know your peers

Freelancing can get lonely.

Join our twice monthly online coffee chats for a super-relaxed chance to get to know other like-minded ELT freelancers, swap stories about our experiences, network, or just chat. 

ELT Freelancers’ Directory

An ELT directory, so you can find and collaborate with other freelancers in the membership. Search by keyword, freelance role or country (maybe get a face to face coffee?!)


Even more support

Mini challenges within the community, to help you get leads, get more visible, improve your messaging (to give a few recent examples).

Group coaching and goal setting sessions.

Live Q&A sessions for thornier questions (you can also ask anything you like at any time within the group)

Member benefits

  • 50% off my smaller digital training courses, such as The Non-Sleazy Sales Kit
  • Free or reduced cost beta access to new trainings and courses.
  • Discounts on services and software, including 20% off Dubsado and £10 credit on StreamYard
  • Discounts and bonuses on partner services around website creation and copywriting.

    Help whenever you need it

    A dedicated Facebook community, with group discussions on anything and everything and a supportive community of like minded ELT freelancers who get you.

    Want to know what app to use to add subtitles, get feedback on your IATEFL submission, or opinions on whether an offer you’ve received is reasonable?

    The group is awash with experts in all these fields. Community really is the backbone of the membership

    ‘It’s great to feel part of a community. It feels as though Rachael is really looking out for you and supports her members. Well worth the investment.’

    Francesca Walls

    Acadenic English Teacher and Proofreader

    If you’re looking for sound business ideas, expert support, and a caring community to build your ELT business, this is THE place to be.

    Heather Johnston

    Organizational Coach for EAP/ESL Professionals

    Take a look inside the Collective and the Roadmap couerse and see EXACTLY what you get. 

    Get access to the Confident Freelancing Roadmap, and 6 months* membership of the Collective for just £175 or £30 a month for 6 months. If you choose to stay after this, you’ll get a discounted rate of just £19 a month ongoing. 

    Please note that the £30 a month is a payment plan for the whole amount of £180, not a cancellable subscription. Please read the terms and conditions before signing up to this. 

    Not quite sure…?   I get that it can be scary making an investment in something you can’t look at or touch. 

    Don’t just take my word for it, here’s what our current members have to say…..


    It has exceeded my expectations because your coaching style really resonates with me, and because of the people I have met in the community. Other communities I was a member of in the past offered plenty of advice and resources about the business side, but not about how to deal with the emotional rollercoaster attached to being a freelancer. I think this really makes your work stand out, and I realise this is what I was missing in the other communities.

    Elborg Nopp

    English Language and Pronunciation Coach for Spanish Professionals

    It caters for all the needs of an ELT (or in my case modern language) freelancer. It is very well rounded. It is also great to keep your momentum and motivation.

    Estelle Hélouin

    Language Trainer and Language Agency Founder

    It’s an all-round experience, excellent materials, sessions, exchanges, Rachael’s always there to answer questions and provide support. Members are supportive of each other and happy to offer advice.

    Nicoletta Boboshevsky

    Preparing candidates for the Spanish Diplomatic Service entry exam

    It is really rewarding to be part of a group with similar challenges, spear-headed by someone who genuinely cares AND knows her stuff, and to know you’re not alone!

    Ros Wright

    ELT Author and Medical English specialist

    The Collective is a really positive, supportive space. Life as a freelancer can be tough and having access to relevant training opportunities and a group of others in the same boat is so helpful.

    Gillian Flaherty

    ELT Materials Writer

    The Collective has transformed the way I approach my freelancing business. It’s helped me to figure out where I need to channel my energy, and it’s got me in the habit of setting professional goals and monitoring my progress toward them. It’s also allowed me to meet lots of wonderful and supportive colleagues, several of whom are now friends. I’m really grateful to Rachael for setting up this community!

    Lauren Hamilton Sáez

    English Language Teacher and Materials Writer

    Watch some short (4 minute) chats with Collective members about how they’ve benefited.

    Just a few of the recorded sessions in the training library

    How to get the legal stuff sorted.

    Kristina Rutherford

    How to get plenaries and keynotes.

    Dorothy Zemach

    Branding for your business.

    Amy Manning

    All About Hashtags

    Rachael Roberts

    Align Your Website with Your Business and Your Clients

    Teresa Fidge

    Creating a 5 Star Client experience

    Jenni Schanschieff

    Things about Copyright and IP that may affect your business

    Rachael Roberts

    Using the Profit First System to Mange your Money

    Clare Sweet

    Starting a Podcast Step by Step

    Billie Jago

    How to ask for what you want- and say no when you need to.

    Rachael Roberts

    Get access to the Confident Freelancing Roadmap, and 6 months* membership of the Collective for just £175 or £30 a month for 6 months. If you choose to stay after this, you’ll get a discounted rate of just £19 a month ongoing. 

    Please note that the £30 a month is a payment plan for the whole amount of £180, not a cancellable subscription. Please read the terms and conditions before signing up to this. 

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Who is this for?

    It’s for you if you consider yourself to be freelance, a business owner, an entrepreneur, or self-employed within ELT (or MFL). You might be an online teacher, or own a bricks and mortar school, or write for publishers, or publish your own materials or training courses, and more. You might be new to freelancing, or freelance-curious, but we also have a lot of members who’ve been freelancing for years. 

    Can I just join the Collective (without accessing the Roadmap)?

    Much of the content of the Roadmap (though not all) was already in the Membership library, but I was aware that people weren’t really making the most of it, probably because it was a bit too overwhelming. 

    I’ve now created a super simple clear pathway, and I believe that working through this is fundamental to freelancer success. The Collective is therefore now an add-on to the Roadmap, rather than a separate thing. 

    However, once you’ve completed six months (and hopefully the Roadmap), you can stay on as long as you like for a reduced rate of £19 a month, and continue to access everything else the Collective has to offer. 

    What if I don't have enough time to complete the Roadmap or attend live sessions?

    Only you know how much time you have available to you.  If you know that deep down, you’re spending a lot of time trying to figure out how to run the business by yourself and are spending too much time scrolling the internet, then joining us will definitely help.

    You’re taken through a quiz as soon as you join to help you spot your gaps and figure out exactly where you need to focus your energies.

    There’s a lot of valuable content in the Collective, but, when you’re busy and overwhelmed, that can even be a bit much. That’s why I designed the Roadmap, to curate a pathway for you through the materials. 

    This way you can consume what you need, when you need it and there are plenty of opportunities to ask questions of both Rachael and the community whenever you want.

    The live sessions are always there for you, but there’s no expectation that you’ll attend everything. In fact I choose different days and times each month so that it’s as flexible as possible. And training and coaching sessions are always recorded. 

    “I was worried that I wouldn’t have the time to attend everything.  Now, I’m relaxed, it’s OK if I can’t attend something, because I can catch up later.”  Annie Altamirano, Teacher Trainer & Mentor | ESL & ELT Author 

    “Since I’ve been making the effort to take part in the group events, it has really helped me focus on what I need to do for my business and it’s been really great talking to other ELT freelancers and having a supportive network.” – Clare Catchpole, Founder of Express yourself in English

    ‘Time is not an issue as if I can’t attend live I can dip back into the replay later. Asking us to put # replay in the chat is great as it banishes any FOMO when see how many others are watching the replay too! You, and the group are always so supportive, and there is no pressure to take part in collective events, just a warm and open invitation.’ Stephanie Brennan, English for Medical Professionals


    What if I live in a time zone outside Europe?

    All training sessions are recorded and stored so you can watch them back whenever you like and our community is in a private Facebook group, so you can pick and choose when and how often you want to dive in.

    Coffee chats and co-working are run at two different times (am and pm) each month to maximise your chances of being there live.

    “Although my schedule doesn’t allow me to participate in the live events as much as I’d like, I have learned a lot — and made noticeable progress — by watching the replays and catching up on conversation threads. This is also a very encouraging community. I love getting to chat with fellow ELT business owners who have or are experiencing the same things as I am. It’s comforting and motivating to know I’m not the only one on this road. “Heather Johnston, Organizational Coach for EAP/ESL Professionals (based in the US)

    “I was worried that I wouldn’t have the time to attend everything.  Now, I’m relaxed, it’s OK if I can’t attend something, because I can catch up later.” – Annie Altamirano, Teacher Trainer, Mentor and Materials Writer.

    Isn’t it a bit weird being in a community full of my peers? What if they’re competitors? What if they judge me if I don’t know as much as them?

    It’s understandable to feel imposter syndrome knocking at your door with the prospect of meeting industry peers, here’s what some of our community had to say…

    “I’ve met lots of really interesting people. A side benefit is that I always felt a little intimidated by the academic profile of so many people in ELT. Because I like the commercial aspect of making sales, I thought that I might even be considered to be a bit of a “lightweight” because I don’t have lots of degrees, and I’m not an academic in any sense. But none of that has happened. I’ve found the ELT community to be really welcoming and inclusive.” Clare Whitmell, English Teacher and Coach 

    “It is reassuring to know that there are others out there grappling with the same issues I do. The training opportunities are excellent and there is a great sense of community in the group.”  Gillian Flaherty, ELT Materials Writer. 


    Will you help me with developing a niche, creating a business model or marketing my business?

    Yes!  The Roadmap will definitely help you along the path towards achieving these things within this group. I’ll still be recommending my group programme, Designed to Flourish for a more in-depth and personalised service, which will save you a lot of time and wrong turnings, but you’ll still get plenty of useful pointers if you want to take more of a DIY approach within the Collective.

    Equally, if you’re on the fence about working more closely with me on my group programme, you can come and get a taste of what it’s like by joining the membership. 

    What happens if I decide it's not for me?

    When you join the Collective, you get access to the Roadmap course, and six months’ membership of the Collective. If, after that, you decide it’s not for you, that’s perfectly okay.

    After the six months, you’ll have the option to stay as a member at a discounted rate of £19 a month. At this point you can decide month to month if it’s still serving you, and if it’s not, you can cancel your subscription using a simple button on the site, no awkward conversations needed. 

    I’m concerned about spending money on things like this when my business isn't making that much...

    I totally understand how scary it can be to invest time and money into something.  If you think you simply won’t use the Collective, then trust your gut and don’t join. 

    But if you know you need help, can’t figure it all out by yourself and realise that you’re probably not charging enough, learning and implementing the training and the help provided by the Roadmap and the Collective will definitely give you a return on investment. 

    Better marketing = building awareness = more leads and more customers.

    Gaining confidence to charge higher prices = earning more money for doing less work.

    Get access to the Confident Freelancing Roadmap, and 6 months* membership of the Collective for just £175 or £30 a month for 6 months. If you choose to stay after this, you’ll get a discounted rate of just £19 a month ongoing. 

    *Note that, in the interests of promoting work-life balance (mine and yours!) the Confident ELT Freelancer Collective takes a month off live activities in August each year. You will still have full access to the Roadmap and the other training sessions, and the Facebook group, but there won’t be any live training, coaching, co-working or coffee chat sessions this month.

    If your six months includes August, you’ll get an extra month free to account for this.

    And if you then continue in the membership, the monthly price has been pro-rata’d.