Everything you need to both save you time, AND create a first class client experience.


15 template emails

3 questionnaire/forms

2 PDFs (a samples sales PDF and a list of things to consider when creating a client contract)

and 10 short videos with tips and strategies for each step of the client journey

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What’s included in the course?


Part 1- Finding clients through direct outreach.

Part 2 – Qualifying a lead.

Part 3 – Inviting and following up on discovery calls.

Part 4 – Onboarding

Part 5 – On-going client management.

Part 6 – Off-boarding and keeping in touch.


…….And finally, a live forum where you can ask any questions you still have, or share ideas.

If you don’t know me yet, I’m Rachael.

I’ve been in the ELT (English Language Teaching) field for 30 years, and I love the energy and the generosity of spirit I see every day.

But one of the things I DON’T like about ELT is the way that so many excellent professionals are underpaid, undervalued and scraping by.

I want to really challenge the low expectations, and culture of ‘having to’ accept poor conditions and teach ELT freelancers the steps they can take to make their businesses truly work for them.


I have:

⭐ 30 years of experience in the industry

⭐ 13 years as a successful small ELT business owner

⭐ heaps of training and coaching in running a small business, organic marketing and social media, copywriting and more

… well as being a trained psychotherapist, counsellor, and coach.


This makes me ideally placed to empower freelance ELT professionals to earn more, work less, and live more fully.

And that’s what it’s all about.

Rachael Roberts ELT Coach

Are you in the Confident ELT Freelancer Collective? Check the membership benefits page for 50% off. 

You’re an incredibly knowledgeable person with a perfect set of skills and loads of valuable experience to coach ELT professionals like me, You have helped me to see the bigger picture and coming out of the ‘rat race’ is totally within
our reach.

Paulina Clarke van Pelt

ELT Teacher, EAP Lecturer, ESOL teacher

You really know your stuff, and you’ve walked the walk. You’ve really changed things for me this year. Thank you!!

Catherine Dolton

Business English Language Coach

You are an amazing person to work with. You are intelligent, supportive and your experience and insight are only going to improve things. It doesn’t matter how big or small your idea is, something better will come of it.

Jane Ritter

English for Young Learners Specialist

Are you in the Confident ELT Freelancer Collective? Check the membership benefits page for 50% off. 

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Flourishing Foundations

Work with me on my group programme.


Clarify your niche, design a business model that helps you work less and earn more- and learn how to effectively market and sell it.