Pricing, Negotiating & Getting Paid




I am offering this programme at (just over) 40% off the eventual price of £397, on the understanding that the course is not yet fully created. It’s a pre-launch price. The course will be officially launched in January 24, along with the first live round, but I envisage being able to send you access by the end of November 23, or possibly beginning of December. This offer is only good until the 30th September 23.
ELT freelance editors and writers are some of the most skilled and efficient professionals I’ve worked with in my long English Language Teaching career.
They’re also nearly always massively overworked and underpaid.
If that sounds like you, I’ve developed this 5 module programme to help you…
⭐ Develop a pricing strategy, and feel confident about estimating a fee
⭐ Know what to look out for in contracts, and how to address it if you spot a red flag.
⭐ Learn how to negotiate effectively, confidently, and without losing clients or damaging relationships
⭐ Understand, spot, and counter negotiation strategies being used on you
⭐ Get better at defining and holding to your boundaries, so you don’t get taken advantage of
⭐ Get paid promptly
⭐ Uncover and dig out those money mindset blocks which have been holding you back (we all have them)
💵💰 And, as a result, start consistently earning more!


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