What if I told you one simple trick to transform your life in ten minutes a day? Sounds like clickbait?

Well, yes it actually does sound like clickbait, and it’s maybe not THAT simple- it does take a bit of practice- but there is plenty of evidence that meditating regularly really is transformational.

Meditation and cortisol

If you often feel stressed, your body is producing high levels of the stress hormone cortisol. In short bursts, cortisol is helpful. It helps you to react quickly in dangerous situations, helps you metabolise glucose and lower blood pressure. When it is consistently swilling round your body however, you can experience disturbed sleep, impaired thyroid function, lower immunity, increased abdominal fat and all the associated health problems.

Meditation has been shown to physically lower cortisol levels, and thus lower levels of anxiety, depression, anger and fatigue- often in just a few days.

Meditation and your emotions

Regular meditation can also help you to regulate your emotions more effectively by learning to recognise harmful or self-defeating thoughts as simply that- thoughts- and therefore detach from them, thereby considerably reducing any negative impact.

Meditation and concentration

If you sometimes struggle to concentrate, meditation has been shown to increase focus, and the ability to stop your mind worrying or wandering. And, if you think this only happens when you achieve Zen Monk-like status, think again. One study found that four days of practising meditation may be enough to increase attention span.

Further benefits of meditation

I could go on. There is also evidence that meditation helps with age-related memory loss, makes you more creative, can help you fight addictions or change bad habits, improve sleep patterns, even control chronic pain. In other words meditation really can transform your life.

How to get started

So why aren’t you doing it already? Don’t you want to sleep soundly and then get up every morning feeling clear, calm and connected? Don’t you want to feel that you are running your day, instead of your day running you?

At some level, you probably don’t want those things, but that’s just your Chimp resisting because it rather likes running the show. If you want to take charge yourself, I’m going to be running a Learn to Meditate in 5 Days Challenge .

Over the 5 days I’ll teach you the fundamentals of meditation , so that by the end of the week you will have established a regular meditation practice. All you need is ten minutes a day (you can do more if you like, but 10 minutes will be enough to see a difference).

Here are the details:

WHEN: 24th-28th February 2020

WHERE: You’ll get an email with the outlined content and a reflective worksheet, but the main action is taking place inside my pop up Facebook group.

NEXT STEPS: Make sure you’ve joined the Facebook pop up group by clicking the image below. I will let everyone into the group the weekend before the challenge starts. Join now, or your Chimp will delete the idea while you’re not looking!