The Flourishing Teacher’s Toolkit

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 8 webinars, PDFs and mini courses designed to help ELT professionals in different areas of their lives and work.

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earn learn thrive- rachael roberts

All about #Hashtags

You probably know what a hashtag is, and see other people using them, but that doesn’t mean you actually have a hashtag strategy. 

In this mini video course, we will look at what hashtags can actually do for your social media posts, how to pick the right ones, and some tips for using them on different social media platforms to help you increase your reach and get in front of new ideal paying clients. 

The course also includes a template for you to use to gather your own hashtags to make it easier when posting.

Make your posts work harder for you.


Usual price £17.00

Rachael is a business and mindset coach for freelance ELT professionals, helping them work out how to use their talents to earn more, work less, and live more fully.

the chilled investor- nicola prentis

Get your emergency fund sorted!

Knowing you have your rent and bills covered by an emergency fund is a peace of mind many people just don’t get round to sorting out. Calculating it might seem scary or overwhelming or just … a task for another day. Or maybe there are deeper mindset blocks at work.


This one-hour video workshop will help you calculate your emergency fund, show you how to build it without scrimping, and where to put it. You’ll also overcome the money mindset blocks that might derail you from getting the peace of mind an emergency fund brings.


Usual price 37.00

Nicola teaches a beginner investing course at and has finally fixed her money blocks and lack of financial security after teaching herself about investing. She’s a former EFL teacher and a materials writer so she knows how to teach finance just as clearly as she used to teach first conditionals.

annie altamarino

The Writing Power Kit

A quick guide designed to help teachers implement formative assessment techniques and improve student writing. 

Do you want to help your students improve their writing but don’t know how? Do you want to use formative assessment but are at a loss? Trust me, you are not the only one!

This booklet will give you an introduction to using formative assessment techniques to improve students writing.


Usual price £15.00

Annie Altamirano is a trainer and mentor for English language teachers, helping them develop effective teaching practices through innovative strategies and approaches.

michelle worgan

Inspiring Inquiries Resource Pack: Home

Are you looking for something new to try out with your young learners? Why not try inquiry-based learning?

Inquiry-based learning is a learner-centred approach based around your students’ questions. It’s a communicative and collaborative approach which will really get your learners talking.

In this resource pack, you’ll find everything you need to carry out an inquiry with your primary students on a familiar topic: the home.


Included in the resource pack is:

– The core plan, which includes suggested learning objectives, ideas for activities at each stage of the inquiry and a step by step plan to guide you through it all.
–  A set of printable worksheets to use with your students.
–  A Quick Guide to Inquiry: an introduction to inquiry-based learning


Usual price 12.00

Michelle is an ELT educator, materials writer and trainer with more than 20 years’ classroom experience. She now divides her time between writing course books and materials for international publishers and developing her own teacher training courses and materials, including the Inspiring Inquiries resource packs. 


Well-being in the Primary Classroom

As teachers, we have a unique opportunity to create positive, supportive environments where our students can thrive.

During this webinar, we’ll touch on some of the research into well-being in Primary Education and explore some practical and effective ELT classroom strategies and activities that you can use with your students. .


Usual price 15.00

Jane is a teacher, trainer, author and editor and lives in Italy. She is an ELT Young Learners Specialist and is passionate about helping teachers teach Young Learners confidently.

heather johnston

How to prepare for when you can’t teach

When you’re faced with a sudden illness, a surprise water leak in the kitchen, or a runaway pet – and you’re scheduled to teach – what’s your plan?

With this PDF guide, you’ll create a unique-to-you teaching contingency plan for moments just like these so you know exactly what to do instead of feeling stressed out and overwhelmed.

Use the supplemental walkthrough video to get additional ideas for determining what course of action will serve you best, focusing on aspects of your particular situation. Be prepared for the unexpected.


Usual price $11.00 

Heather is an organizational coach who helps EAP/ESL professionals develop systems unique to their ELT lives so they can reduce stress and ease the overwhelm.

jennifer murray-best words copywriting

Don’t cramp your style! 

Why you need a Style Guide and how to start one.
Do you feel anxious about your brand’s appearance? Fret about formatting your texts? Spend way too long checking the spelling of the same words? If so, a Style Guide could be the answer. 

This video presentation explains what a Style Guide is and how to create one.

Feel more confident about your content sounding right and looking good. Every time!

Usual price 12.00

Jennifer Murray is a professional copywriter, helping ELT solo businesses create website copy that resonates with language learners. She also provides editorial services for marketing materials from newsletters to email sequences and social media posts.

clare hayward

Top 5 Canva shortcuts for the ELT Classroom that will save you time! 

You may already use Canva or perhaps you want to try it to create ELT classroom materials.

In my mini video course we will take a closer look at some short cuts to hard to find useful tools in ELT. We will look at worksheets, exam materials, collaborative tasks, graphic organisers and fun certificates.


Usual price £17.00

Clare is a freelance teacher trainer living in Scotland. With almost twenty years of teaching, training and management experience, her key aptitudes are supporting or finding solutions for teachers to help in the classroom especially with digital tools. 



You only have until 30th March 2023, to sign up for the individual mini courses you want, totally free of charge. After that, you’ll need to pay for them like everyone else 🙂


The Flourishing Teacher’s Toolkit has been created and curated by some of the alumni of
Flourishing Foundations.