So, you’ve completed my small group programme, Flourishing Foundations.


What’s next? 

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Rachael Roberts-Life-Resourceful

The Sustained Growth Mastermind Membership

This is an ongoing monthly membership exclusively for alumni of this programme.

Setting up and running a business is a marathon, not a sprint. There’s always new stuff to learn (and stuff, like social media platforms, that keep changing.

Through regular coaching sessions and input from me and other guest experts, I’ll help you to go deeper into what you learnt on the course, and keep up to date.

I’ll be there to help you overcome the mindset bumps all business owners encounter along the way: loss of confidence, feeling stuck, worries about being visible or getting criticised, questions and anxieties about pricing, or the best way to market what you do.

You’ll also benefit from a supportive community of like-minded people where you can learn from each other, and build a strong network.

The alumni mastermind group is a really supportive community which I know I can go to for advice on anything from the wording of posts to practical business ideas. It keeps me focussed on my goals and also my work/life balance. The group coaching sessions are a great opportunity to bounce ideas around and to get advice from Rachael and the other group members.

Lottie Galpin, current mastermind member

What does the membership include?


  • Facebook group of like-minded people to discuss things with, learn from and ask questions.
  • Regular features within the group: weekly accountability thread to keep you on track, regular chances to get feedback on social media posts or blog posts, monthly (optional) challenges

  • Twice monthly coffee and chat sessions, just to socialise (though you can also ask burning questions of course).
  • Twice monthly 90 minute group coaching sessions on Zoom. Attend the one that suits you best, or even both.
  • Monthly training sessions on different aspects of business and mindset in depth, from me or a guest expert. Recent sessions include Getting started with Facebook ads, Launching a service, Blogging for visibility and SEO. As a member, you will also have access to recordings of all the past content.
  • Twice yearly extra goal planning sessions (every 6 months)



All this for £49 a month, and fixed at that price for as long as you stay. You can also cancel at any time. 

This is the most accessible way to work with me, to up-level in your business, to get the training you need AND the community to support you. 

‘The group is a safe space to ask questions (to Rachael or members 😃) or voice doubts about my own work + ask about things I don’t know anything about!! The regular communication keeps me on track whilst sharing ideas with enjoyable like-minded folk.

Clare Hayward, current alumni group member