5 Days to get get confident, get ideas and get visible on LinkedIn.
For ELT Freelance Professionals and Business Owners.

Simple, actionable daily tasks on a step by step PDF that you can refer back to again and again.
Focus on practical steps that will make a measurable difference to your stats.
Support with any mindset blocks holding you back.
A pop up Facebook group for accountability, and feedback from me and other industry experts.
Daily live Q&A on Zoom, where you can ask me about anything LinkedIn or mindset related.




Just leave your name and email address and I’ll send you the link to join the Facebook group which will be the hub of the event. I’ll be letting people into the group from the 14th October, and there’s something extra for early birds!  I’ll also add you to my mailing list which means, once the challenge is over, that you’ll be getting weekly emails with helpful tips and advice. Not your cup of tea? Unsubscribe any time. 


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Imagine the difference this week could make to your business…….

Most people feel uncomfortable about sticking their head above the parapet and being seen.


It’s not surprising, really. Historically, if you stuck your head above the parapet you were likely to get an arrow in it..


However, if we have a business, we really don’t want to be a best-kept secret. No-one is going to want to work with us if they’re barely aware we exist, don’t really understand what we do, or don’t feel they know enough about us to trust that we could help them.


I know from talking to my clients, that getting visible can be a real struggle in all three of the following ways:


1 Practicalities, especially on LinkedIn, which is quite a complicated platform. What steps do I need to take to get my profile looking good and working for me? What should I put in my headline? How often should I be posting? What should I be posting? I’ll help you through the basics, and you can ask me any of these questions in the daily Q&A.


2 Time and overwhelm. I just don’t have time to spend hours on LinkedIn, and is it really worthwhile anyway? Yes, it’s definitely worth it. Unlike Facebook or Instagram, where almost everyone who has an account is posting, most people on LinkedIn are lurking, meaning that it’s relatively easy to get visible. But, you absolutely DON’T need to be spending hours on there- I’ll show you how.


3 Confidence. Not being sure we know what we’re doing, worry about what other people may think of us, not wanting to bore people.. I’ve heard it all. And sympathise. I’ll help you reframe and revise some of your beliefs about being visible on LinkedIn, and you’ll find the support of the group invaluable.


Mini LinkedIn Profile Audit

Day 1

Writing your headline to attract your ideal client.

Day 2

Letting people get to know you.

Day 3

Knowing what to post.

Day 4

How to learn to love creating video posts

Day 5

Dealing with the mindset monkeys.

Meet the mentors: industry experts who will be in the group helping me to give you feedback on your tasks. 

Jennifer Murray

As well as being an ELT Editor and Project Manager, Jennifer is a professional copywriter, often helping ELT professionals with their LinkedIn and other social media profiles, websites, blog, and teaching and learning materials.

Click the photo to follow her on LinkedIn

Ashley Griffiths

Ashley has a background in ELT, but now  runs Confidence on Video Coaching Programs For Awesome Coaches/Teachers/Trainers. Ashley can help with both the practical side and the confidence to create video content. 

Click the photo to follow him on Linked in. 

Feedback on my last free event, The Festival of Freelancing March 2022.

I had an amazing time at the Festival of Freelancing! I learned so much and made some great connections. Every presentation was incredibly informative and I left feeling focused and motivated. I’m already looking forward to Rachael’s next event, the LinkedIn Visibility Challenge!

Teresa Fidge

WordPress Trainer & Designer for ELT Freelancers & Small Business Owners | Business English Trainer

The festival provided so much useful advice in such a short, manageable space of time. Many of the sessions contributed to me taking productive steps in my business and feeling more confident about the day-to-day challenges of being a freelancer.

Sarah Morgan

English Language Coach

The festival opened my eyes to the importance of working “on your business” as well as “in your business”! And the atmosphere throughout is hugely supportive and encouraging.

John Maidment

Business English Communications Coach/Transformational Coach

It was literally the doorway to so much I’ve done and learnt this year! I still can’t believe how much came out of that “looks interesting, why not?” decision.

Catherine Dolton

English Language Coach

It was an extremely valuable experience being connected to so many like-minded professionals.  Thank you for the opportunity.

Shona Bannatyne

English Language Coach

Turned out to be not just another free thing I signed up to, but was the push I needed to really kick start my business after years of procrastination.

Lisa Jayne Wood

English Teacher and Neurolanguage Coach