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A step by step guide


Freelance ELT teachers, coaches, and trainers, learn why you need a lead magnet and exactly how to create something your clients will want, set it all up and promote it.

You’ve probably heard of lead magnets, or freebies, but perhaps you’re not really sure what one is, what’s involved, or how it could work for you?


Or perhaps you already have one, but it’s languishing unloved and seemingly unwanted, and your mailing list is still teeny tiny.


If this is you, this is the course you need.

It’s a step by step guide to help you create a lead magnet that will attract clients to join your mailing list, and start the process of building trust until they know without a doubt that you are the right person to help them. 

Everything you need in one place. There’s even a Facebook group where you can brainstorm ideas and ask questions if you get stuck. 

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Note that this is the last chance to buy this course as it is being taken inside my group programme and retired from general availability to the public on Friday 2nd June

Offer ends in:

Most of the ELT teachers, trainers and coaches I speak to are looking for more consistent clients, who will value what they do, and be willing to pay decent rates for it.

There isn’t a quick fix for this, it’s multi-faceted and different for everyone, which is why I offer an in-depth 12 week business foundations programme, Flourishing Foundations.

However, while most people realise they need a mailing list in order to build relationships and trust with their potential clients, getting people onto this list is usually a major challenge. There’s the whole technical side, not to mention creating something that people will actually want! 


An email list is probably the most valuable asset your business can have (after you, of course), with an average ROI of £42 for every pound spent. I haven’t done the maths, but I do know that being able to communicate directly and regularly with people who are interested in what you offer is worth its weight in gold. You’re giving people the opportunity to get to know and trust you, and don’t have to worry about pleasing the algorithm, just writing emails that people want to open. 

And how do you get the right people on you list in the first place? Through a well-designed lead magnet, which demonstrates to people exactly how you could help them even more through your paid offer.

Let me take you through the process, step by step, and save you time, effort, money and going off down rabbit holes…….




How many new clients would you need for this

training to pay for itself?

The training was great and I got the answers to all the questions. I feel more confident now, and enjoyed the in depth information and discussion.

Muhammad Shujaat

English Language Instructor

Before I did the lead magnet course, I was aware of the concept (an avid getter of them) but not sure where to begin in creating one.

I really liked the walk through videos and all the examples of lead magnets, and had loads of ‘aha’ moments.

I’m really happy that I’ve now made my first lead magnet, which I wouldn’t have managed without all the bits of this course. I think it’s forced me to ‘just do it’. It’s an experiment and will need refining/changing I’m sure but I feel great that I’ve done it!

Sangeeta Sathe

ELT Writer, Teacher and Trainer

I think the term ‘lead magnet’ is a little scary but once you understand it, it’s all common sense. I felt I needed your sensible guidance before doing it (I’m less likely to make the same ‘mistakes’).

I’d recommend this to anybody trying to attract new clients to their business.

Emma Heyderman

ELT writer, trainer and consultant

I had a bit of an idea about lead magnets from workshops and webinars, but I now have more idea of the variety of different options.

I really liked the very practical tips on the different types, where to make them, how to name then- in fact this was the biggest takeaway for me. I would recommend the training to any colleagues in the same situation.

Tara Gooding

Neurolanguage coach

The examples provided during the training were really useful along with the different possible formats that a lead magnet can take.

I would recommend the training to fellow freelancers and sole-traders who, like me, need a helping hand sometimes with self promotion.

Derek Philip-Xu

ELT Digital Content Development and Project Management

What’s included in the course? 


A comprehensive but focused self-study course, taking you through the process step by step, and with bonus walk throughs of the tech you need. 

A free Facebook group providing support and a place to ask any questions and get unstuck.

Note that this is the last chance to buy this course as it is being taken inside my group programme and retired from general availability to the public on Friday 2nd June

If you don’t know me yet, I’m Rachael.

I’ve been in the ELT (English Language Teaching) field for 30 years, and I love the energy and the generosity of spirit I see every day.

But one of the things I DON’T like about ELT is the way that so many excellent professionals are underpaid, undervalued and scraping by.

I want to really challenge the low expectations, and culture of ‘having to’ accept poor conditions and teach ELT freelancers the steps they can take to make their businesses truly work for them.


I have:

⭐ 30 years of experience in the industry

⭐ 13 years as a successful small ELT business owner

⭐ heaps of training and coaching in running a small business, organic marketing and social media, copywriting and more

… well as being a trained psychotherapist, counsellor, and coach.


This makes me ideally placed to empower freelance ELT professionals to earn more, work less, and live more fully.

And that’s what it’s all about.

Rachael Roberts ELT Coach


This is for you if:

– you know you need to get more people onto your mailing list- and not just any people, but those who are looking for precisely what you offer.

– you want to create a lead magnet which really helps people to see why you’re the right person to help them.

– you’re unsure about just how to create the right lead magnet, or how to set it up, or how to promote it (or all three).


This might not be for you if:

– you don’t have a mailing list and don’t want one (if you are working with bigger businesses, that might be the right call, but if you’re trying to attract individuals, you might want to think again)

– you’re happy to spend days and maybe even weeks searching around for free info, and working out how to put it all together.

You’re an incredibly knowledgeable person with a perfect set of skills and loads of valuable experience to coach ELT professionals like me, You have helped me to see the bigger picture and coming out of the ‘rat race’ is totally within
our reach.

Paulina Clarke van Pelt

ELT Teacher, EAP Lecturer, ESOL teacher

You really know your stuff, and you’ve walked the walk. You’ve really changed things for me this year. Thank you!!

Catherine Dolton

Business English Language Coach

You are an amazing person to work with. You are intelligent, supportive and your experience and insight are only going to improve things. It doesn’t matter how big or small your idea is, something better will come of it.

Jane Ritter

English for Young Learners Specialist