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You’re an established ELT business owner (an online teacher, materials writer, teacher trainer, consultant) who’s wrestling with something that’s just not working for you.

I’m exactly the person you need to help you bust through those blocks, and get your business working like a well-oiled machine.

You’ve been running your business for a while, and some elements of it are working pretty well…

But at the same time, you also know it’s not quite there yet.

Maybe you feel:

– really frustrated at the amount of effort versus the results?

– there’s a missing piece to the puzzle you just can’t identify?

As a long term ELTer, I really know this industry inside out, which means I know exactly how to apply my business and marketing knowledge to your specific business and clients. 

I’ve invested thousands in business coaching, and copywriting and social media training, which you can now take advantage of to help you unblock whatever isn’t working in your business. Here are some examples of ways I could help you.

Clients slipping through your fingers?

Maybe you don’t have too many issues getting potential clients onto an initial call, but then they don’t sign up?

I’ll help you work out whether you’re getting the wrong people on those calls, or if it’s the way you’re handling the sales call, or the follow up that’s causing the problem.

Then I’ll guide you as you take the steps you need to get those clients flowing.

Not getting enough leads?

Or perhaps you’re just not getting enough leads in the first place?

Theoretically you do this through social media, but your posts (when you get around to doing them), feel like you’re shouting in the wind.

I can help you clarify your message and plan a proper social media strategy, whether you’re looking for individual clients, or work for bigger organisations, such as schools or publishers.

I can even help you write more engaging and effective posts.

Website woes

Perhaps it’s your website that’s the weak link? People come onto the site, but leave with embarrassing haste.

I can help you write sparkling copy that really ‘speaks’ to your ideal client, and work out exactly how to lead your website visitors around the site so they find exactly what they’re looking for- and realise that you’re it.

Or, if you don’t have a website yet, I can help you write the right copy to pass over to a designer (let’s face it, being good at design does NOT necessarily mean they understand your clients or business).

Audience too small, or ‘overfished’?

Maybe you’re realising that your audience just isn’t big enough, or engaged enough.

You might need help to grow (or even create) a mailing list so that you can build deeper connections and draw in more new people.

I can help you create a lead magnet people will actually want, and create a series of emails around it to help people see clearly exactly how you could help them.

We can also discuss alternative or additional ‘nurture containers’ for your audience, such as a Facebook group, or Linkedin newsletter.

Trying not to think about your mailing list?

And if the problem is that you have a good sized mailing list, but a pretty embarrassing open rate (mine is around 50%).

I can help you work out whether you’ve got the wrong people on there, or you’re writing the wrong kinds of emails.

We can work together to devise a content strategy that has people looking forward to opening your emails, and helps them move along the buyer journey until they’re ready to work with you.

Does your offer need an overhaul?

Very often the issue is that you’re not getting across clearly enough who your offer is for, how exactly you help them, and why you’re the ideal person to do so.

However, it could also be that your offer isn’t quite right.

Does it really meet the needs of your potential clients (or your needs come to that?)

We can work together to refine and tweak it- and look at the pricing while we’re at it.

Are you fed up with being held back in your business?

These are the kinds of issues I help clients with all the time. My experience working with over 100 ELT small business owners helps, as does my own experience within  the field, and my business, social media and copywriting training. I can help you get more perspective on what’s not working and why, and give you practical steps and guidance to bust that block.

My block busters 1-2-1 targeted coaching package gives us the time we need to get right under the bonnet of your business and really get it sorted. Where else are you going to get help and individual business coaching like this from someone who understands the ELT industry inside out, is a qualified coach, and has an in-depth understanding of niche, business models, marketing, copywriting and more?

I heard Bhavna Gupta say that if you plant marigolds next to any plant, it will flourish. Rachael is the epitome of a marigold. There’s a reason she’s a great business coach. She’s a natural at giving supportive and tailored advice. In a few short weeks I’ve learned so many simple tips and tricks which have made a massive difference to my business. It’s been invaluable having someone who truly understands to bounce ideas around with. I know I’ll be back for more. 

Emily Bryson

Author, ELT Materials Writer, Graphic Facilitator, ESOL Lecturer, Teacher Trainer, Project Manager

I had been following you for a long time and liked your approach, so when it came to picking a new business coach it was easy. I hesitated over the fee but then thought that if I didn’t take the leap nothing would change.

I have learnt to reflect and work on many things such as my money mind blocks, how to address objections during a prospect call, how to make my CTAs clearer, how to pitch myself more clearly, and identified and developed 2
brand-new coaching programmes which I have sold.

Your expertise on how to grow a successful ELT business is unquestioned, but what I valued the most was your empathy, understanding and patience to ‘hold my hand’ and walk me through things and to listen when I needed to be heard.

To anyone considering working with Rachael, I would say that if you think you can do this on your own and are prepared to spend months and years in the wilderness, go ahead and wander aimlessly. However, if you want
someone who understands you, listens and guides you through this bewildering journey the decision is easy.

Shanthi Cumaraswamy Streat

Business English and Communications Specialist

I have learnt so much it’s hard to know where to start. Rachael has given me the structure I needed to look at my business objectively, re-evaluate my values and think about my messaging.

I have thoroughly enjoyed my time with Rachael. It was the best decision I made and a great investment financially. Rachael has given me the kick up the backside I needed following a very difficult year healthwise. For that I have to thank her as I wouldn’t be here without her support and encouragement. She has been the inspiration I needed at the right time.

Camilla Walton

English for Landscape Architects and Garden Designers

How does it work?

Block Buster 1-2-1 is a short, sharp, focused package to get you swift results, and unblock a problem area that’s perhaps been holding you back for a long time.

We’ll start with an in-depth questionnaire, specially designed to really unearth where the problem area is. Once completed, this will help us to really hit the ground running, and maximise the return on your investment.

Then we’ll work together over six 90 minute sessions within two calendar months, with ongoing support on Slack thrown in. Ask me anything, any time and get a personal response within 24-48 hours maximum (during working hours). 

You’ll also get complete access over the two months to both the recorded elements of Flourishing Foundations, and my other recorded courses (such as Attract New Clients with a Lead Magnet), and I’ll specifically ‘prescribe’ you anything I feel would be helpful for you to watch. 

Finally, 1-2 months later, we’ll have a 60 minute follow up session to deal with anything that’s popped up subsequently, and make sure that you’re still on track.

If you’re looking at the examples above and thinking that you need ALL of them, not just one, then you might be better off considering my 3 month business foundations group programme, Flourishing Foundations, where we take a more holistic approach.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this 1-2-1 service for?

Past and current 1-2-1 clients have included Business English coaches, writers for publishers, and those selling materials on their own sites, teacher trainers, membership owners, school owners and consultants, all working within the field of ELT.

I have personal experience in different areas of ELT, as well as a great understanding of the current landscape from all the different clients I work with across my business.

If you want someone to help you get unstuck  on something specific and really unlock the potential of your business, this is for you.

However, if you feel you need help in all or many of the areas above, I would probably recommend my group programme, Flourishing Foundations. 

Do I have the time to invest in COACHING?

Block Busters 1-2-1 is a short but intensive approach to getting stuff sorted.

Over the month, we’ll quickly identify and focus on the problem or challenge you’re facing and start to implement solutions.

I’ll then follow up with you 1-2 months later to make sure everything’s going as planned.

Working with me 1-2-1 means that everything we do will be tailor-made and highly relevant, and you’ll also have the accountability of knowing now is the time you’ve chosen to finally get this block busted..

Is this the right time to invest in something like this?

These are uncertain times. Everything has been thrown up in the air, and the old ways of getting business might not be working for you anymore. But is this the right time to invest?

Only you can answer that question. What I can tell you is that overwhelmingly those who have worked with me are now making significantly more money. 

Take a look at some of the testimonials and you’ll see that my coachees have intangible as well as tangible results. They’ve developed more confidence, feel better about saying no and asking for what they need, and are working in a more enjoyable and balanced way.

You could carry on doing what hasn’t really been working for you for a while longer, or you could decide to get stuck in and get it sorted, with my help. 


Your investment for this 1-2-1 coaching package is £3297. This can be paid in instalments (usually 3, but I can be flexible), and I don’t charge any extra for doing this.  

Unlocked padlock - individual business coaching

From the first free consultation we had, we clicked and I had a gut feeling that you were the right person to work with to help me on this journey. I felt completely at ease with talking openly to you and that’s crucial to being able to build that trust.

My mindset has completely changed from ‘Oh no, I’m not good enough to do this and no one will be interested in my services’ to ‘Yes, I can do this because I’m excellent at what I do’. Other aspects I’ve learnt are the importance of understanding your target audience, listening to their needs and communicating directly with them, being clear about how I can help them and why they should work with me, engaging with our community and getting rid of the inner troll.

Thank you!!!! This whole experience has been such an eye opener in terms of personal and professional growth. The grey clouds have been blown away and the picture is much clearer now and that’s all thanks to you.

Ste Sharpe

Cambridge CELTA Tutor / IELTS expert / highly-qualified teacher of English language to adults / experienced examiner

When I started coaching with Rachael, I had just taken on a new bigger space for my brick-and-mortar school and I was feeling rather overwhelmed with everything I had to do. I was moving from a one-room setup to a space with three classrooms and an office.

With Rachael’s help, I was able to move forward and take action without feeling overwhelmed, getting distracted or falling victim to my procrastination habit! She helped me see past the noise to what is really important in my business.

If you’re on the fence about coaching with Rachael, try it because the value you get from it will far outweigh the cost and the results will resonate for a long time after it has finished.

Katrina King

School Owner

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