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How to make deadlines work better for you.

How to make deadlines work better for you.

Plenty of people say to me, ‘I would never get anything done if it wasn’t for deadlines; it isn’t until the deadline starts to get near that I can get myself started.’ It can definitely be an effective strategy in terms of getting stuff done. However, it means that...

Annual review of my business 2021

Annual review of my business 2021

I typically share a fair amount with clients about my business decisions and what I’m learning, as they can often learn from my success and mistakes.

So, once again, here’s my year in review- warts and all.

How to stop rumination, or chewing over a worry.

How to stop rumination, or chewing over a worry.

Most people find themselves ruminating from time to time, especially when stressed. This is particularly common in the middle of the night, when the logical brain is more shut down and sleepy. At these times the Inner Troll, or more reactive part of the brain, can more easily take over.

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The Earn Learn Thrive Productivity Planner

Are you an ELT Freelance professional or business owner?

You love the freedom and flexibility running your own business brings, but often feel overwhelmed with everything you have to do. You already spend so much time working in your business, serving clients- how are you supposed to find the time to actually run your business effectively, and even plan ahead or come up with new business ideas?

The Earn Learn Thrive Productivity Planner: for ELT Freelancer Professionals and Business Owners is specifically designed to help you break down your goals into bite-size manageable chunks, and use your time in the most effective way. You can get more done, AND actually reduce the amount of time you spend hunched over a desk.

Step by step, the productivity planner will take you through an easy system which helps you to get better at planning, assessing your time accurately, and learning as you go.

It’s a combination of goal setting, regular reviews, and daily time blocking. And it really works.

  • The ELT Productivity Planner is undated, so you can start at any point in the year.


  • There are 8 x six week sprints, meaning that it will last at least 48 weeks (if you don’t take any holidays- which you definitely should!)