Acon and oak tree- Acorn to Oak

acorns to oaks.

On-going support and coaching as you fully implement everything you’ve learnt on Flourishing Foundations.

So you’ve completed Flourishing Foundations and learnt more than you ever thought possible….


You’re bursting with ideas but now it’s time to implement those ideas, and although you know you can go back and rewatch anything in the programme, it all seems a bit daunting on your own.

You’d love to still have someone to hold your hand a bit, and help you get all your plans off the ground.

Acorns to Oaks is the follow up coaching and mentoring programme to Flourishing Foundations, designed to provide on-going support as you nurture and develop your plans.


You’ll continue to get support within a small group (5-8) with 3 x 90 minute coaching sessions a month for four months, and ongoing support within a Slack group where you can ask any questions whenever you have them.


The coaching sessions will be run by me and, for one of the three sessions a month, by my associate coaches, Teresa Fidge or Jennifer Murray. 


Teresa Fidge is our website expert. She’s here to help you with getting your website up and running or improving what you already have.

She’ll be able to give you feedback and provide invaluable pointers, whether you’re doing it yourself or paying someone else to set it up.

Having worked in the ELT industry for more than 10 years, Teresa also has an IT, business and marketing background, and so she is ideally placed to help professionals struggling with the often confusing and stressful technicalities, as well as strategic decisions, involved in creating a website.

Teresa Fidge

Jennifer Murray is our copywriting expert. A trained copywriter, she’ll give you feedback on your copy, whether social media, website, blog posts or more, and teach you some techniques you can apply going forward.

Good copy is the heart of good marketing, and it’s not a genre that most ELT professionals are familiar with. Practice makes perfect, and as a former long term ELT editor, Jennifer’s skills at giving feedback and helping to shape new writers are excellent. 

Jennifer Murray

Acorns to Oaks will ensure that you truly maximise the effort and investment you put into Flourishing Foundations and get you off the starting blocks and well on the way to turning those acorn ideas into sturdy oak trees.  

The investment for the four months is £797.00, or £159.50 a month for four months, plus a deposit of £159.00


– a small private group of 5-8 participants who have all done the Flourishing Foundations group programme first

– 3 x 90 minute group coaching 3 x a month  (12 sessions in total)

– help both from me, and from specialists, Teresa and Jennifer

– ongoing support at your fingertips through the Slack group


Frequently Asked Questions.

can't i do this on my own, using the flourishing foundations materials?

You absolutely can. I promised you that the programnme would cover everything you needed to know to launch or re-launch your business, and it does. Acorns to Oaks is not about teaching you even more (though we will of course teach you anything else you may need if you need it). It’s more about helping you to implement what you’ve learnt, and ensuring that you don’t get stuck along the way, and grind to a halt.

It will give you accountability and somewhere you can always go to ask questions, and run ideas past me,  the other coaches, and the other group members. 

Do I have the time to invest in the programme?

There are three 90 minute coaching sessions a month, and I recommend that you attend these live if you possibly can. However, you won’t also be trying to watch and learn a lot of new stuff, so it will feel less pressured than the Flourishing Foundations programme. Coaching sessions will also be recorded, and, as you know, you can learn a lot from listening to each other’s questions and problems, so that’s always an option if you have to miss a session. 

Plus the Slack group is always available to you. 

As a business owner, you need to devote time to working on your business anyway. This just ensures you’re not doing it alone. 

Do I get 1-2-1 support from rachael?

Because this is such a small group, you will get a lot of individual support in the group coaching sessions and through the Slack group, and may not find 1-2-1 support necessary. However, I can also offer 1-2-1 coaching on top, at a reduced rate of £175.00 for 60 minutes, or £297.00 for 2 x 60 minute sessions. Just DM me to arrange. 



I am planning on running the programme as a follow up to Flourishing Foundations, so it’s certainly likely. We may well also decide to keep the same time and day. However, this will depend on numbers and availability. As with the group programme, we will decide on the day and time to suit the majority, and particularly those who commit earlier on. 


No, the Acorns to Oaks programme is only available a few times a year, and places are limited. However, you don’t necessarily need to join the programme straight after finishing Flourishing Foundations. If the time and day doesn’t work for you, you are very welcome to join a later Oaks to Acorns after a future run of Flourishing Foundations.  


Your investment for this programme is £797, or a deposit of £159 and then four monthly payments of £159.50. 

Can I do Acorns to Oaks without doing Flourishing Foundations?

A2O is designed as a follow up to Flourishing Foundations and it inot normally possible to join unlss you are an alumni of this programme. I’m happy to chat about it though if you like, just get in touch. 

Contact me to ask any further questions or to put your name down for the next run.

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