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20 CTA ideas to increase engagement

A CTA is a call to action, and it can serve a number of different purposes. You might want someone to join your mailing list, or book a call.. or you might simply want to build more of a relationship with your followers, and get your post seen by more people, by asking a question people really want to answer.

Arguably, just about every post should have a CTA of some sort. because the algorithm notices when people comment, and assumes that means the post is interesting and that more people should see it. So, even if you aren’t currently ‘selling’, you still want to get a conversation started. It is SOCIAL media, after all. 

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I’ve been in ELT for over 30 years now, and there’s not much I don’t know about the business. When I moved into coaching in 2017 (having previously trained as a counsellor and psychotherapist), I quickly realised that this experience meant I was ideally suited to mentoring and coaching other ELT Professionals.

As part of my own experience as an ELT business owner, I have worked with three excellent business coaches and undertaken training in social media marketing, copywriting, website design, memberships and more. 

I am now able to combine my ELT background, my coaching skills, and considerable teacher training experience to run this programme, specifically designed for ELT freelance professionals and business owners. 

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