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I’m Rachael Roberts

After 30 years in a variety of roles, there’s not much I don’t

know about the ELT world. I’m a highly experienced trainer,

a trained counsellor and coach, and, as well as running two

successful businesses myself, I’ve been extensively coached

and trained in social media marketing, copywriting, website

design, memberships and more.

Over the last four years I’ve worked with more than a hundred ELT freelance professionals or business owners to help them work less, earn more and live more fully.


Let me give you some examples
LUCY'S Story

Lucy* came to me feeling that she had a lot of ideas, and bursts of momentum, but that she needed help to actually get her ideas off the ground.

She had lots of experience in a range of areas, so the first task was to pin down not just what she was good at (plenty), but what really ignited her.

We then went on to design an offer which precisely fitted her interests and skill-set, and which there was a clear market for.

Lucy created a group programme, and together we went through all the stages of deciding the exact length and format, pricing, and then the launch.

I gave her feedback on the copy she used, and advice on how when and what to post to build up excitement about the programme.

The first run of the programme went really well, and she is now planning the second run.


David* had enjoyed a long and illustrious teaching career, but had always worked for other people. He now wanted to strike out on his own and teach and train online.

Given his skills, experience and expertise, he was worried about how he could differentiate himself from the seemingly thousands of teachers offering lessons at incredibly low rates.

We sifted through all the things he could do, and came up with a clear offer that would be of value to the kind of high-flying students he wanted to attract.

I helped him create a killer profile on LinkedIn, where we both knew his ideal clients were to be found, and to start building an audience and mailing list.


Julia* already had a successful online teaching business in that she had identified a clear niche, and was bringing in students.

She had previously done a business course, and learnt how to cold message. It worked, but the process didn’t sit right with her.

She also got students through word of mouth, which is, of course, the sign of a great teacher. However, it also meant that she had no control over he income or workload.

She wanted to learn how to market organically, so that potential students would be attracted by her profile and what she was posting, and would reach out to her when they were ready (which is exactly how my business works by the way). In this way she could ramp up her marketing activity when she needed more clients, and slow it down when her books were full.

Are you ready to finally go all in on your business, and get the kind of

laser-focused support that can transform everything? 

Why work with me 1-2-1?


My 1-2-1 is a deep dive into your business, tailored precisely to your needs.

It provides the firm foundations that you need, but enables us to do so much more.

We’ll get right under the bonnet of your business and your own mindset, where required, so that we can come up with a steady plan.

The process is completely client-led, so that we can laser-focus in on the exact areas where you need help in your business.

You’ll get precisely the right amount of what you need – exactly when you need it.



Maybe the times or dates of the Flourishing Foundations course don’t work for you, and you’re keen to get started transforming your business?


You feel you’ve got something of a ‘spiky profile’ – some of the 7 key areas covered by the group programme are things you feel you have pretty much in hand, whereas others make you feel like a ‘newbie’?


You might have a good idea of what you ‘should’ be doing, but you need help to put it into place, get accountable and do it.

Focused attention

You’ve got an offer, you kind of know your ideal client but it all needs refining and you’re not sure how to do that by yourself.


You’ve spent a good amount of time trying to figure it out by yourself but realise that if you want results, getting 1:1 support is going to get you there much quicker than you could do on your own


You want a space where you can ask as many questions as you want and for the sessions to be all about you, so you can really focus.

Inspired Action

Perhaps you’re feeling like you’re finally ready to go all in on your business, and you know that working 1:1 is going to give you the quickest route

How it works:


    • We’ll meet for 12 x 90 minute sessions over 4 months, 18 hours of personalised coaching in total.


    • You also get access to all of the Flourishing Foundations Programme masterclass recordings, delivered to you in a curated pathway specific to your needs. This means we can make the most of the coaching sessions to work on implementing all your learnings. 


    • After each session I’ll recommend which masterclass recordings to watch, and set you some personalised ‘homework’ tasks.


    • We can map out your offers and pricing in detail, and I’ll give you precise feedback and suggestions on your website copy, social media profiles, and social posts in our sessions, helping you to develop confidence in your own copywriting skills and ‘voice’.


    • Or maybe you’d like to practise and get feedback on managing a sales call or a negotiation?


    • Between sessions, you will have my on-going support via a private Slack channel. You can ask questions and run things past me whenever you want.



    • SOS help; if something big comes up and you need help immediately, I’m happy to be flexible and take 30 minutes off the next scheduled 90 minute call to jump on a quick SOS call with you as soon as I have availability.


    Unlike the group programme there isn’t a set structure where you will have to wait until a particular week for what you need. We can dive straight in and fix things as they come up, whilst also giving you what you need to move forward strategically

    In short, you will get an absolutely personalised approach to growing your business.



    If you’re done with downloading freebies and trying to work it out on your own, let me use my experience and expertise to get you where you want to go.

    Let’s have a chat about your business, identify where and how I could help you, and see if it’s right for you. If I don’t think I can help, I’ll tell you 😊


    I heard Bhavna Gupta say that if you plant marigolds next to any plant, it will flourish. Rachael is the epitome of a marigold. There’s a reason she’s a great business coach. She’s a natural at giving supportive and tailored advice. In a few short weeks I’ve learned so many simple tips and tricks which have made a massive difference to my business. It’s been invaluable having someone who truly understands to bounce ideas around with. I know I’ll be back for more. 

    Emily Bryson

    ELT Materials Writer, Teacher Trainer, Graphic Facilitator


    Before I worked with Rachael, I had been lacking a clear direction. In our pre-working-together chat, it was clear that Rachael understood where I was at and had the tools to help.

    Our work has spanned personal development, philosophy, spirituality and business strategy. Rachael has been insightful, helpful and generous throughout. I trusted her completely, and found that trust both well placed and rewarded. At the end of our last session, she reminded me of my intentions going into the process – and I was blown away. I won’t go into details, but one of those intentions has been fulfilled in an utterly spectacular way. So have the others, but that one… Wow.

    What has happened during the weeks I have worked with Rachael has been truly life changing. (She is not paying me to say this.) Much of the success of my work with Rachael is down to trust. Trust in the process. Trust in Life. And trust in Rachael.

    If you have places you need to explore in yourself… Dusty boxes on grimy shelves in the attic of your mind that need to be opened and processed… Or just a business that needs some experienced input (with resources)… I assure you that you are safe in Rachael’s hands.

    Alex Crowe

    Website coach and musician

    Contact me for your free initial session

    If you think you might like to work with me, but you’d like to find out more about what’s involved, contact me and we can set up a free 40 minute initial session. We’ll chat through what’s happening for you, and you’ll leave the session with more clarity about your situation, whether or not we decide to proceed to working together.

    Rachael helps you crystalize your niche, fine-tune your social media presence but most importantly gives you the business acumen that you need to run your own business successfully.

    Before I started working with her, I had felt stuck in the status quo and my business hadn’t been moving ahead.

     She taught me what specific steps to take to develop an entrepreneurial mindset and lead my business into the 21st Century.

     Are you reaching for the stars? Everything is possible with her whole-hearted support and professional coaching. I can highly recommend working with her.


    Monika Brabers

    Business Communications Skills Trainer

    I got in touch with Rachael last summer as I felt that she could be the one to guide me in the right direction. I had been feeling at a crossroads professionally and was seeking a better sense of purpose for the year ahead.

    Working with her has opened up perspectives I hadn’t considered and I feel much more confident now about what I’m worth and what I can professionally bring to the table. I now have a much better idea of where I am as a person, and feel better able to judge the value of what’s on offer and, just as importantly, what I have to offer.

    So, thank you Rachael for all your ideas. Your suggestions and feedback always seemed on point. I have valued working with you and hope to do so again in future. 

    Roy Bicknell

    English Language Trainer, International Speaker and Presenter

    Get in touch today and let’s set up a free 40 minute call to see how I can help you to achieve your business goals.