Has more than doubled his previous average yearly income.


Name: Neil McCutcheon


Business: Teacher trainer for CELTA and DELTA, now runs his own online CELTA centre.



Problem: Neil was about to move to Canada, and potentially lose 90% of his income for at least a year.


Result: The online CELTA provider he set up with his business partner, not only got him through that year, but now brings in more than double his previous income. 

 I just worked it out and I have doubled my income, more than doubled my income, from what I was earning for many years before the pandemic. So it’s worked out really well.

Before working with Rachael..

So before doing the group program, it was the middle of the pandemic and I was just on the verge of starting this new business, EL Teach, with my colleague. And, I noticed the programme. And I could see that it was useful for developing not only the business, but developing any kind of online presence in ELT because I was about to move actually to Canada. I’d just got married to a Canadian woman and my whole life was about to change in terms of the income that I could earn and I thought that doing the programme would be very useful.

I was coming over to Canada and, not having any work permit, the work would have been, you know, I would have had very slim pickings. I could have done some online tutoring, but it was kind of desperate. And then suddenly, I didn’t have any hole in my finances that year. I was able to get through fine. Yeah, so the course really did help, more of which later, right?

Did you have any hesitations about doing Designed to Flourish

Not really. Obviously, I had to think about the cost, and you know, would I recover that cost, but I knew I was going to enjoy the course, I knew I would get some  benefit from it, so I didn’t really hesitate, I just had to budget for it.

What did you learn from doing the programme? 


Being on the group program taught me a lot of different things. Firstly, Rachael taught us about having a positive mindset, going into business when it’s a new thing. not feeling like , an imposter, but feeling that, you know, you have the skills and everything that you need to succeed. Among the practical things, practical tips were using tech like Canva, which I still use a lot. How to design the website to attract and focus customers on exactly what they needed to do.

So, optimizing the design of the website, so that clients stick there and, and join your courses., We also learned about pricing and identifying the client base, thinking about what’s best for them and what they’ll pay for certain products. That was important. And all sorts of tips about digital media marketing and having a good social media strategy to have a good online presence.


What would you say to anyone considering doing Designed to Flourish?

If you’re considering working with Rachel on the group program, I would say definitely do it. It will definitely have tangible benefits. And you’ll see results in terms of your business developing, and you’ll almost certainly see your income go up as well. And it’s a fun programme.

I just worked it out and I have doubled my income, more than doubled my income from what I was earning for many years before the pandemic. So it’s worked out really well.

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