Went from 300 hours in 10 different schools over 6 months to a developing her own profitable and enjoyable CLIL programme.


Name: Catherine Stevenson

Business: Teacher and teacher trainer, specialising in CLIL and interactive learning.


Problem: Catherine had been freelancing for a couple of years, teaching and training in schools around Verona, but the hours were very high and the pay not sustainable. 

Result: She has now developed a CLIL training programme and has been successful in attracting funding for this. Her earnings are already up 25% this year. 

This year, my projected income is 25 percent more than it would have been last year. So I’m already making that money back. And I’m really glad I made the investment.

Before working with Rachael..

I was doing a lot of teaching for one particular project and getting a lot of work, which was great, but not brilliantly well paid. And it was quite a marathon from sort of November to June of teaching over about 300 hours in 10 different schools.  I love teaching, but it was quite exhausting.

And I got to the end of two years of doing that, and was really starting to think, you know, This isn’t sustainable. Um, and I’d done a few training courses over the years in CLIL, and I did one which went particularly well. I thought, gosh, I just need to be doing more of this. This is much more sustainable. This is what I really enjoy. But I wasn’t really sure how to make that happen.

Did you have any hesitations about doing Designed to Flourish

I think my big hesitation about joining the course was the financial investment. I absolutely knew that Rachael was going to be able to help me, but I was thinking, oh, maybe I can just watch lots of YouTube videos and do it myself, um, rather than spending that money, because yeah, it did feel like quite a big chunk of my earnings at that time.

But I think it would have been a very long and painful process on my own, much less supportive, much less enjoyable. Um, and that money and that investment has got me to a place that I wouldn’t have been at without it.

This year, , my projected income is 25 percent more than, , than it would have been last year. So I’m already making that money back. And I’m really glad I made the investment.

What difference has working with Rachael made?

I’ve been very lucky this year that there’s a lot of funding available for CLIL training, which is what I do. But I honestly don’t think I would have known about that if I hadn’t had my kind of feelers out in, in those networks. And people have come to me via my professional pages and asking me about my ability to, to do those courses as well.  So, that’s been a massive change for me, as well as the kind of mindset change of feeling like a business owner and


What would you say to anyone considering doing Designed to Flourish?

I think I would say someone who’s thinking about working with Rachael,  it’s definitely not a course that you do and you forget about, so doing the group program, it’s really, really practical.

You start making changes to your business straight away and you start seeing the impact of those as you go along. Rachael really, really knows her stuff. She’s incredibly supportive and perceptive and has this kind of realistic positivity that just sort of stays with you. I think I feel like if I come across something that’s difficult in my work now, I’ve kind of got Rachael’s voice there with me.

Don’t worry too much about the money and think about the benefits of taking part in a program that can really get you to where you want to be in a, in an efficient and practical way.

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