What business model is right for you?

So many possibilities…. should you offer a 1-2-1 service, a live group programme, a membership, an asynchronous digital course, or maybe a combination of more than one?

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1. The Hybrid 1-2-1 Programme

Create a programme which is a combination of live teaching and pre-recorded content, plus bite-size tailored tasks to complete outside the lesson.

This could be for you if you like working 1-2-1 but feel you’re working too hard, and have hit a ceiling in terms of what you can charge for an hour of your time.




2. The Group Programme

Devise a live programme for a group of ideal clients, and help them get the results they want within a supportive group environment, while maximising the impact of your time.

This could be for you if you enjoy working with groups, and perhaps find working 1-2-1 a bit too intensive. You might also want to scale up your business to take on more clients, without having to work more hours.




3. The Membership

Create recurring revenue and help even more people, through a subscription based membership.

This could be for you if you love being part of online communities, enjoy creating materials, and see yourself as a leader. 




4. The Digital Course

Design a self-study digital course (or self-publish) which you can sell to many, without increasing your contact time. 

This could be for you if you want to create recurring revenue alongside your other work, or move away from live teaching or training altogether. 



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